Our Purpose

Saving people money
so they can live better Seiyu aims to offer low-price and value-added shopping experiences to the customers so that it can help customers live better.

Our Values and Behaviors

Service to the customer

Customer first - listen to, anticipate and serve customer wants and needs
Frontline focused - support and empower associates to serve customers every day
Innovative and agile - be creative, take smart risks and move with speed

Respect for the individual

Listen - be visible and available; collaborate with others and be open to feedback
Lead by example - be humble, teach and trust others to do their jobs; give honest and direct feedback
Inclusive - seek and embrace differences in people, ideas and experiences

Strive for excellence

High performance - set and achieve aggressive goals
Accountable - take ownership, celebrate successes and be responsible for results
Strategic - make clear choices, anticipate changing conditions and plan for the future

Act with integrity

Honest - tell the truth, keep your promises and be trustworthy
Fair - do right by others; be open and transparent
Courageous - speak up, ask for help, make tough calls and say no when appropriate

*Values : Key values to guide our daily behaviors

Seiyu operates retail chain stores nationwide from Hokkaido to Kyushu, selling food, apparel, general merchandise and other products.
We are striving to enhance our store operations and product procurement capabilities in order to provide customers with highly valuable shopping experiences in terms of 4 key attributes for differentiation: "Price Leadership", "Quality and Freshness", "Product Assortment" and "Convenience".
Fully leveraging the global network and creditworthiness of our parent company, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., we will actively develop attractive sales floors to better suit the preference and needs of Japanese customers.
At the same time, we will continue to expand our sustainability initiatives along with Wal-Mart in addressing environmental issues and ensuring product safety.